The Zodiac

The Zodiac

The humankind has believed that celestial events influence our lives on earth for melennia. What star sign are you?” has long been common parlance, and when it comes to owning jewelry that has your star sign on it there’s no need to ask whether the wearer believes in astrology or not. 

In todays age with the renaissance of personalised pieces people are seeking out jewelry pieces that they can connect on a deeper level with , rather than a singular focus on aesthetic appeal. Jewelry has become much more personal and a way of self expression over the last few decades and theres nothing that makes that statement like a Zodiac Sign necklace does! 

We are more than just the sum of our parts and thats the beauty of being a part of a collective. Zodiac Signs are the same, because each zodiac sign has its specific element & it shows that we are a species woven together that needs each other to survive.

Fire is raw energy: bringing light and burning anything it touches to purge and create new life. Earth connects us to the tangible world and supplies the resources that we need to build our lives. Air fills our lungs, giving us the ability to communicate and connect with one another. Where as Water cleanses, heals and nourishes us. Together, the four elements create our world. 

In this Zodiac Collection we used the art of positive frequency to bring together what connects the humankind with nature that surrounds it.. You can now get your hands on the 18k Gold & White Gold Coin shaped classic pendant that has a matte finish, or you could go a bit fancier and get our  Diamond Coin pendant which is encrusted with  49 round cut Diamonds!