Preeka's story

Preeka’s is an online fine jewelry brand of gold, diamonds and precious stones based in Dubai and founded in March 2021. Preekas is founded and designed by Nikita Preka ,who is the diamond graduate and jewelry designer. Miss Preka combined her lifetime passion for fashion and beauty in her exquisite jewelry designs, this unique combination is nothing less than an excellent creation. Miss Preka is world known Beauty Queen, she won numerous international beauty pageant including Miss World Albania 2018, she was the first face for several international magazine covers and walked for famous international designers. Moreover Miss Preka persuaded her studies in London for Banking and Finance, graduated in 2018 with excellent results, currently working as Investment Analyst at a prestigious investment company in Dubai. Preeka’s designs are ready to set off on an adventure to future by embracing the rich diversity of other cultures – this unique energy and creation is the essence to everything.

"We are excited about this journey, we thrive to be your first choice of fine jewelry brand for many years ahead in the endeavor future"